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Machine Learning at the forefront of Digital Transformation

The world is also made up of decisions. Proof of this is that a simple decision can change the course of history.


In an organization, a decision can, at the limit, have an impact on the continuity of the organization itself. It is essential to provide organizations with robust tools to accurately predict and make the decisions that lead to the successful implementation of its business strategies, when not even help to define those strategies.


Nor is it new that we live in a highly globalized world, with relationships of interdependence, sometimes quite complex.


The emergence of Machine Learning in organizations is related to the extraction of these informative patterns and the enormous value they bring with them, which otherwise would not be able to be used.

Our methodology

Taking the CRISP-DM Cross Industry Process for Data Mining framework as a starting point, which is unanimously the standard methodology used in Machine Learning projects, our methodology includes a sequence of steps that are mutually reinforcing and that are part of a virtuous circle, punctuated by the incessant search for the best model that adapts to the requirements of the Decision-maker.


There are many models, and in the midst of so many options, the choice is not trivial. For us, K-1-Digital, the sovereign criterion will always be the accuracy of the model. Once the models have been selected, intensive optimization of them will follow, in order to achieve maximum performance.


There are also many evaluation metrics. For us, at K1 Digital the performance of a model is not limited simply to hit or miss, sometimes miss in x, does not have the same impact as miss in y. The evaluation of a model should be done through the rules of the business and always with a view to the continuous improvement of the decision support system.

Sales Forecasting Platform

Forecasting sales in a commercial company is essential for planning the entire activity and for maximizing the results. Sales are a complex phenomenon dependent on space-time, socio-economic and other factors.

Our Machine Learning-based sales forecast solution enables you to forecast weekly sales with 98% accuracy in 45 weeks of the year, with results that clearly surpass the conventional Forecast techniques, giving your organization the ability to plan  its activity, from procurement to the use of resources, stock optimization, etc., allowing you to make the most out of your sales.

Credit Scoring Platform

The strength of a financial institution is strongly related to its ability to assess the credit applications addressed to it and to implement robust credit approval policies. These policies should contribute to the maximization of assets, putting money in the right hands, as well as to the decrease in default cases, which in Portugal represent 16.2% of total credit* in the last 3 years**


Our Machine Learning-based credit scoring solution allows you to reduce consumer credit default rates by more than one third, therefore contributing to a considerable decrease in the volume of non-performing loans.


** whereas only credits intended for consumption and other purposes (other than housing) are taken into account

* considering the last quarters of 2015, 2016 and 2017