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IPA - Intelligent Process Automation

Automation of business processes through the use of software - SoftBots - that allow the execution of tasks and decisions autonomously.

SoftBots are able to mimic the actions of the human operators in the interaction with the systems and applications, without having to make changes in the existing processes or systems. These may be carried out autonomously or in collaboration with human operators.

The use of IPA solutions, cognitive systems and Artificial Intelligence is already a success in a variety of industries. Processes with robotic potential can relate to specific activities of each indistry or be transversal to all organizations.


IPA solutions have already proven their success and degree of stability and allow to automate a significant number of cross-industry or industry-specific processes. As an example, Softbots can perform the following tasks:

  • Open and use one or more applications on the desktop, using your own user name and password.

  • Open emails from pre-determined senders, suppliers for example, open and read the attachments of these  emails and fill forms in applications with the information collected (invoices, for example)

  • Fill in form fields in applications from excel files or other sources of information

  • Simultaneously update information on all systems used, when requested by a user enabled for this purpose

  • Read an email from a Customer and forward it to the correct department in the organization

  • Predict future workload and suggest levels of capacity to meet anticipated needs

The greatest opportunities in IPA are in processes with the following characteristics:

IPA benefits

  • Fast process of implementation and benefits. Eg: cost reduction between 30% and 80%

  • Solution integrated with the systems already in use by the organization, without replacing them (non-intrusive solution)

  • Allows employees to focus on tasks with higher added value, eg: relationship with Clients

  • Improved Customer Experience with Service provided and Improved perceived Quality

  • Digital workforce available 24/7

  • Reliability close to 100%

  • Scalable capacity, at marginal costs, for increasing volumes of activity.


Chatbot for Human Resources

Capture and analysis of data from CVs to databases

Automation of bank reconciliation

IPA solutions are currently used as strategic competitive positioning tools in more than 200 business processes.

They play a critical role in reducing operating costs,
allowing to capitalize on the potential for
interaction with the client and generate new revenues.